Ollin Therapy

Ollin (pronounced: all-in) is a Latin American indigenous word that means “movement”. The symbol Ollin was used to represent the constant and perpetual movement in the world and our daily life; it reminds us to be active.

This resonates with our approach to treatment as we strive to make the most of our patient's mobility, function, fitness and well-being; we are committed to keeping them safely active through treatment that is dynamic and adaptable, addressing their needs and challenges.

Our Philosophy



Our mission is to provide a multidisciplinary and integral approach to each treatment, tailored to our patient’s needs; we aim to form a synergy with our patients and together improve their health, relieve their pain and facilitate their recovery.


We aspire to help people who have had a hard time finding the right treatment to improve their health. Based on our patient’s needs, we’ll look for the relevant interconnections that will help us detect the origin of their pain and work alongside them to improve their physical condition integrally.

Our clinic

Our facility has dedicated areas with a variety of equipment to use as part of our rehabilitation and sport performance programs.

Our Values

Commitment and respect

  • We are focused on patient health care and we encourage mutual respect and trust.

  • We are committed to meeting the physical care needs of our patients with total respect for their boundaries to improve their lives.

Quality service

  • We continuously examine the services we provide, we use our resources and experience to treat our patients efficiently and effectively.

  • We are looking to exceed our patient’s expectations by constantly improving the quality of our services.

Integrity and honesty

  • We follow the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

  • We want to make a positive impact on our patients' lives and that’s why we always approach them with complete integrity and honesty offering them the best treatment plan available.


  • Innovation is the key to continued growth and relevance, we constantly work to include new abilities and techniques that will help us to take care of our patients the best possible way.