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Athletic Therapy

Our athletic therapists are highly trained to use various manual therapies, modalities and exercise prescription to prevent injuries, reduce pain and inflammation and address strength, stability, and coordination to properly execute or improve activity-specific skills and abilities.

Acute and overuse / chronic injuries are a common phenomenon not only in sports but also in daily life, our therapists will identify and address the cause of injury and they will design a proper treatment plan that will help to manage the pain and prevent the reduction of physical performance.

They also help our clients to safely return to their usual activities after a physical injury, surgery or concussion without the risk of re-injury and to prevent chronic complications.

Some of the benefits of an effective injury treatment are:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Promote healing.

  • Prevent complications.

  • Restore normal use of the injured area.

  • Develop a return to sport strategy, as dictated by symptoms.

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