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Injury prevention while working from home

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario Health Agency have recommended remote work for employees who can do so. While working from home has clear advantages, it’s important to remember that new work spaces should keep your health and safety.

Below we gather a few tips that will help you to keep productive, focus and safe.

1- Set up an ergonomic work station

Make sure that your workspace is comfortable; frequently-used items should be kept within reach to avoid stretching or straining.

An ergonomically correct home work station should include:

  • A rolling chair equipped with back support and ample padding.

  • Position the computer monitor between 20 to 30 inches from your face, centered straight ahead. Your eye level should fall at the top third of the screen.

2- Check your posture regularly

Sit with your back and shoulders straight, with a few inches separating the back of your knees from the edge of the chair.

Ensure the small of your back is supported, your shoulders are relaxed (not slumped and not elevated), and that there is no pressure under your thighs.

3- Take breaks and stretch regularly

Take frequent breaks throughout the day to give muscles and joints a chance to rest and recover. Use these breaks to stretch your neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Follow the 20/20/20 Rule - Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away or more for at least 20 seconds. This simple exercise stretches the muscles in the eye, reducing the effects of eyestrain.

4- Stay hydrated

Keep control of your fluid intake in order to prevent mild dehydration, also increasing your water intake can significantly improve your immune system.

Make sure to drink the right amount of water for your body and always Keep a water bottle by your side throughout the day.

5- Exercise

Make sure that you make time to exercise when working at home, create a routine to specify your training schedule that includes proper warm up and stretching exercises.

While gyms and sport centres are closed during the lockdown, there are a lot of online resources that could help you to establish a proper exercise routine.


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